Castella Imports

Greek Feta

With centuries of experience in production, Greece is one of the largest producers of quality cheese worldwide. Serving as one of the most popular Greek cheeses, our traditional Greek Feta is soft and salty with an authentic and delicious taste.

Serving Tips:
Castella Greek Feta is excellent for crumbling over salads, adding to pasta, or serving with wine. Pairs well with lamb, poultry, beans, and rice.

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life:
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Shelf Life Packaging Type
CHS071846 75014411540 Castella 1 102LB Barrels
SKU: CHS071846
CHS071815 10050144110100 Castella 12 200g Case
SKU: CHS071815
CHS071816 10050144115099 Castella 12 400g Case
SKU: CHS071816
CHS071826 75014411511 Castella 1 10LB CUBES Case
SKU: CHS071826
CHS071856 75014411520 Castella 4 2KG CUBES Case
SKU: CHS071856
CHS071876 75014411500 Castella 1 5GL Tins
SKU: CHS071876