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Rosemary Leaf

These needle-like leaves are very aromatic, with a slightly woody perfume. Rosemary is commonly used in lamb, pork and chicken dishes and especially in Mediterranean recipes.

Serving Tips:
Rosemary is commonly used in breads, seasonings, and seasoning herb blend. Season lamb and other meats as well as potatoes with rosemary.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Product Specifications
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SPC181539 75014408611 Castella 4 / 2LB 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC181539
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SPC181519 75014408605 Castella 12 / 3OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC181519
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SPC181529 75014408606 Castella 12 / 6OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC181529
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